Toddlers are akin to a seed waiting to germinate. They need love, care, affection and warmth to gently bloom into the unique person that they are meant to be. The bonding between the child and the teachers and also the nannies is the cornerstone of our playgroup programme. The sights and sounds of a playgroup class are one of care and warmth. A child, who feels safe, secure, warm and happy starts enjoying the first steps of schooling. Learning in this environment happens automatically as it is all about experiencing. It is completely natural–through play, music, dance, stories, visits etc.

Lesson plans for Playgroup children are oriented towards forming and enhancing their life skills– like listening, responding, questioning, talking, eating, eating healthy food, eating independently, sharing, taking turns, enjoying being in a group. The curriculum also exposes them to the world around them from animals to plants to vegetables. Their journey of learning of language, pre-maths and logic also start in a simple yet effective way in the playgroup year.

Parents have a daily window into the program through daily updates, photos and videos.

Age Group : 18 months+
Session Duration : 2.5 hours
Batch Timings 8.45 AM to 11.15 AM
11.30 AM to 2.00 PM