The child in a Nursery class is like a seedling which has sprouted roots and is just showing its first leaves. Now is the time for abundant sunshine in the form of age appropriate stimulation. The child is ready to start the process of learning in the true sense. The programme is designed to lay the foundations of learning the English language – speak, read and write. It is here that the focus gently shifts to learning of concepts of numbers, colours, shapes and the world around us. The teaching is guided by Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences and is carefully interwoven into activities, which stimulate and communicate with all kinds of children – from the visually strong to the bodily smart or kinesthetically endowed. Here again the process of assimilation of knowledge is seamlessly integrated with play.

The educators focus on observing and understanding each child individually. Getting the child’s fine motor skills honed, pre-writing readiness sharpened and making the child ready for KinderGarten are the outcomes of the programme.

Parents have a daily window into the program through daily updates, photos and videos.

Age Group : 3-4 years
Session Duration : 2.5 hours
Batch Timings 8.45 AM to 11.15 AM
11.30 AM to 2.00 PM