The seedlings are now beautiful little plants taking firm roots. Well this is the real first step of the formal learning ladder. Focus is on small but firm steps into : Language learning, Maths and General awareness.

Children are firmly initiated into the world of writing. As the little fingers try to write, there are a lot of fine motor activities to help the child ease into the art of writing his ABCs and 123s. Laying the foundations of reading English language becomes a primary focus area. Thoroughly customized reading plans are made and children live in a world full of interesting books.

Learning formal Maths – numbers, number values, counting are all done in a structured manner.Children breeze through basic science and general awareness themes through projects, discussions, field trips and celebrations.

Children get accustomed to the idea working with text books and notebooks, while doing worksheets and activities around the year. Dance, music, art, craft, physical education, dramatics are other facets of this holistic programme.

Parents have a daily window into the program through daily updates, photos and videos.

Age Group : 4-5 years
Session Duration : 3 hours
Batch Timings 8.30 AM to 11.30 AM
11.30 AM to 2.30 PM